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Discover the nostrverse and how it's built over time.

Nostr is giving us back choice and control.

One set of keys to the nostrverse

The universe of nostr apps and websites (called clients) is growing and reimagining creative expression.
Nostr is not just about your notes spread out on relays (servers), uncontrolled by a company. You can use the same login keys to enter most nostr clients. No need for a new account. Your nostr keys carry your identity, your friends, and your history. You can have a favorite app or website, or try different ones for their unique features.

Love is the foundation for tools that value freedom and autonomy. Technologies like nostr and bitcoin protect individual choice by removing the strings from controlling centralized parties and unruly data gathering practices. They instill a spirit of HODLing your own keys, while encouraging an environment of open-minded learning that welcomes global n00bs even before they jump into the rabbit hole. At their core, empowering technologies follow the philosophy of Don't Trust, Verify.

Nostr-ings hopes to give a wide perspective view into the nostrverse. It embraces the possibilities of forging a value 4 value culture built on bitcoin through lightning & zapping. It explores the behind-the-scenes stories that make these unique principled open ecosystems possible.

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4:22:21 Nostrica women's panel: NIPs IRL
(sitting on the last seat on the right)

7:11:50 Nostrica Retrospective & Planning The Next Nostr Unconference
(sitting next to last seat on the right)

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